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Project Monotricat®: Behavior in turning at high speeds

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Behavior in turning at high speeds of Monotricat hull

MONOTRICAT®MONOTRICAT® is the first displacement naval hull navigating at speeds of planing hulls (*) on SPRAY SELF-PRODUCTS at high hydrodynamic efficiency and energy saving (*the resistance curve is a straight line).

MONOTRICAT® is an innovative architecture of naval hull high hydrodynamic efficiency and energy saving, patented in Italy and internationally, studied at the University of Trieste (Italy) – Dep. Naval Engineering, and at I.N.S.E.A.N. C.N.R. – Institute for Research in Engineering Naval and Maritime of the National Research Council – Institute of Towing Tank of Rome, and at the KTH Royal Insitute of Technology of Stockholm (Sweden), and optimized in C.F.D. at a italian research center connected with University of Genoa (Italy).

The video highlights the particular behavior in turning at high speed of Monotricat hull high hydrodynamic efficiency and energy savings of 20%, the first naval hull navigating on spray self-produced.

In turn, contrary to the other boats, the hull tilts towards the outside while maintaining perfect stability. This is due to the transformation of the wave formation created from the bow under the hull to pressure energy. During the turn, the rudder increases the pressure under the hull in the inside and decrease it towards the outside, as if they were two “Venturi” tubes, and that brings the boat to bow outwards. The recovery of kinetic energy and sprays self produced determine the great efficiency of this hull.

In the video, a PROTOTYPE of Monotricat hull used to Scuba divers and diving courses on Bolsena Lake while going at speeds 13 and 16 knots, and reaches 26 knots with 180 hp, although having a 4 tons displacement (courtesy of Mr Paolo Monachello).

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