BCool Engineering: specialized in thermo-technique design for land and marine


FWD Energy has reached a cooperation agreement with Bcool Engineering.

Bcool Engineering is a company specialized in thermo-technique design for land and marine. In addition to innovative thermodynamics design skills and thanks to the most advanced computing tools in dynamic and fluid systems, Bcool Engineering has specialized itself in thermal comfort living with a particular focus on the building process of the envelope and the mechanical installations.

Today it is necessary to have a thermally comfortable living environment, with low costs of realization and operation; unfortunately consumer are more and more often at the mercy of the market, that offer a variety of products not always suited to the needs of the project and the end user. Bcool Engineering support the client in choosing the best system of /implant, based on a careful planning of all the components that make up the work. The identification of the type of HVAC system and products that comprise it, as well as the optimization of the enclosure and the choice of materials that can be only the result of a careful planning and a detailed thermal analysis.

Services offered

Collaborating with the most important industry players, Bcool Engineering develops high performance projects in terms of energy efficiency and cost optimization of the construction and the conduction, supporting so the Client with targeted professional services.


Whisper Power - Bcool Engineering

Webasto - Bcool Engineering


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