Electric Yacht QuietTorque 40.0



Electric Yacht QuietTorque 40.0

The Electric Yacht QuietTorque 40.0 is recommended for boats up to 16m (LOA) and 15t displacement.

Typically replacing diesel engines in the 60 to 80hp range.  Typical battery size is 28.8kW to 48kW at 96Vdc.                                                   


Motor type              2 PMAC* Brushless

Voltage                   96 Vdc (nom)

Current                    400 amps

Max power input      40.0 kW

Cont. Input Power    34.0 kW

Shaft size               20 to 38 mm stainless steel

Weight                    61 kg

Frame                     Anodized Aluminum

*Permanent Magnet Alternating Current

Standard Features

Motor Mounts          Adjustable Mounts to current engine stringers

Throttle                   Anodized Al waterproof throttle with key & neutral lock

System Monitor       High capacity programmable monitor

  • State of charge
  • Voltage Current draw RPM battery type
  • Instant and accurate
  • Distance to discharge
  • Programmable regeneration
  • Throttle direction and throw

Shaft coupler          Stainless steel coupler milled to match prop shaft

Power Switch          Blue Sea two position switch

Relay                      500amp vacuum Tyco relay

Fuse                       Class-t fuse & holder


The Electric Yacht QuietTorque 40.0 is very complete and includes everything you will need except batteries battery cables and charger. Contact us directly and we will help you design a complete system to meet your particular needs.

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