Li-ion battery charger

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Battery Management System for LiFePO4 battery

  • smart control
  • excellent measure functions
  • small size
  • integrated module
  • Product description: Battery Management System(BMS) can be used in hybrid or pure electric power vehicles,Uninterruptible power supply(UPS),solar/wind power systems etc.



  1. Input voltage: 220-240V AC,50/60Hz
  2. Output voltage: 4-30V DC(Adjustable)
  3. Charging current: 10-100A (Adjustable)
  4. Charging mode: CC/CV
  5. Efficiency: ≥92%
  6. Weight: 12KG



  1. Smart charger is widely used for LiFePO4 or Li(NiCoMn) battery packs.
  2. Optional input voltage and input plug for US,EU,UK,AU standard.
  3. LED indicator

The diagram of the charging process as following:

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