Aquamot Outboard Drive



Aquamot Outboard Drive

Main characteristics of Aquamot Outboard Drive:

  • Quiet
  • Powerful
  • Economical
  • No cyclic maintenance
  • Variable speed control



The case of the drive consists of a sea water resistant aluminium alloy with a six times high special coated surface. Inside there works a low turning DC-PM electrical drive. The oversized drive system and bearings are designed for a long life cycle. The powerful propulsion is the result of a high efficient propeller. The case of the drive and the fin are usable as a rudder blade through the dimensioning. The integrated anode protects against corrosion.



The complete drive suspension is very rugged and is made of aluminium or high grade steel. All alumium parts are coated with a special protective material. All bearings are maintenance free. The suspension at the rear is fixed with setscrews. The suspension is adjustable to compensate the tilt. It is possible to lift it up when touching the ground. Remote or tiller applications are available.


2-step switch (2 steps forward 2 steps backward) or one-hand speed control with infinite control over the entire speed range including a display


Type Voltage Power consumption Current Efficiency Weight Motor type
A5 24VDC 500W 28A 85% 15kg DC
A10 24VDC 1000W 35A 85% 17kg DC
A20 24VDC 2000W 87A 85% 25kg DC
A25 36VDC 2500W 72A 85% 27kg DC
A30 48VDC 3000W 68A 92% 27kg Asynchronous
A43 48VDC 4300W 102A 92% 31kg Asynchronous
A75 48VDC 7500W 165A 92% 42kg Asynchronous
A100 48VDC 10000W 225A 94% 44kg Synchronous

*only with one-hand speed control display and brozen propeller or folding propeller available

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